Domaine Paul Jaboulet-Aine: 2012 A Great Year

The wines of Domaine Paul Jaboulet Hermitage” La Chapelle” 2012 (小教堂) Offer ( 97分的完美比例 )

Paul Jaboulet Aîné 酒廠建立於西元1834年,至今已經有200多歷史,一直都是Jaboulet家族管理,但可能家大業大吧.,又是大家族,,因此家族成員彼此產生競爭與紛亂,酒廠的股權數度易手,最後是由波爾多最有名 Château La Lagune (三級酒莊) 也就是瑞士金融界知名的Frey家族接手,進,2006年開始掌管Paul Jaboulet Aîné 酒廠後,除了大幅度更新全部釀酒設備以外,更派大女兒Caroline 率先領導,讓酒廠走向南隆河數一數二的精緻酒莊。

在Caroline領導下,Paul Jaboulet Aîn 決定開始退出她們最重要依賴的超市通路、更是大幅度地降低全部的產量,更將原來固守的傳統酒標簡潔化, 也就是要讓酒廠回歸”傳統簡新”,另外, 大家知道Hermitage 面積可說是非常非常的小,更是可說是最重要古老精華區, Caroline則是與 Chapoutier & Chave、Guigal 等名廠全部達成協議! 大家都開始使用有機農法種植!! 所以小教堂可說是精華地塊中的精華 !!’’

陳新民教授的百大葡萄酒之一, 那就是Paul Jaboulet 的 La Chapelle!

With an unusually dry winter, a very wet spring and a mild summer the 2012 harvest in the Rhone Valley had the potential to be disappointing. However ideal weather during harvest season yielded a perfectly ripe crop with low acidity, making the 2012 harvest in the Rhone one of the best in Europe. Considered an outstanding year for white wines, 2012 the generous fruit was silky and powerful with good tannic structure. The wines have approachable substance, big body that isn’t overtly concentrated.


The wines of Domaine Paul Jaboulet Hermitage” La Chapelle” 2012 Offer – Robert Parker: 97分

La ChapelleRobert Parker Tasting note: The first year where winemaker Caroline Frey really feels her organic farming drive paid off, the 2012 Hermitage la Chapelle is a gorgeous effort that shows the purity and texture of the vintage, as well as the class of the le Meal lieu-dit. Offering up classic black raspberry and sweet dark fruit, Asian spice, toasted bread, licorice and savory herbs, this beauty is full-bodied, beautifully concentrated and has enough tannic grip to demand 4-5 years of bottle age. It will have 3+ decades of longevity.

Young oenologue Caroline Frey grew up with the vines and has made wine her passion, studying at the University of Bordeaux. Leading the charge for the renovation, modernization and reinvigoration of the Jaboulet wines, Caroline is credited for her fighting spirit and improvements in quality. Currently splitting her time between the family’s estates, spending three weeks per month in the Rhone and one in Bordeaux at Chateau la Lagune, she works closely with her former professor Dennis Dubordieu. Known as “wine’s most famous scientist” Dubordieu is celebrated for his ability to develop a purity of aromas in his wines. Known for aging his white wines and advocating extended skin contact with a stirring of the lees during barrel aging, he is also a highly sought after consultant for red wines. Together this duo produces the fabulous and highly acclaimed wines of Domaine Paul Jaboulet-Aine.

Paul Jaboulet Hermitage” La Chapelle”2012 – 精選酒廠中最好的葡萄, 產量稀少昂貴, 品質非凡— Robert Parker: 97分




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