E. Guigal Côte Rôtie La Landonne “2008 A Great Year — 三大天王「LaLaLa」,耀眼的巨星!
The wines of E. Guigal Côte Rôtie La Landonne” 2008 (蘭朵) Offer

Robert Parker: 94分 & Wine Spectator: 94分

百大葡萄酒之44號 – 兩大葡萄酒權威雜誌 WA / WS 同時推薦 – Robert Parker: 94分 & Wine Spectator: 94分

Guigal 有隆河酒王之美譽,歷年來有22款酒獲得 Robert Parker評比滿分100分,2002年再憑教皇新堡紅酒奪下Wine Spectator百大葡萄酒冠軍。酒廠創始人Etienne出身貧苦,苦學十九年後自行創業建立Domaine E. Guigal。Etienne的兒子Marcel 自幼跟隨父親,每日清晨五點半就上工,在他手中造就今日Guigal 的成功,連國際巨星Celine Dion也是Guigal的酒迷。法國政府也頒予「榮譽勛位勳章」褒獎Marcel對於法國釀酒業的貢獻,這也是法國平民所能獲得的最高榮譽。蘭朵 (La Landonne),杜克 (La Turque) 以及慕林(La Mouline) ,簡稱三大天王「LaLaLa」,在極陡的 Cote Rotie 坡地上人工精細的耕耘栽培,42 個月100% 全新橡木桶陳年,數量稀少,每年只生產 400箱,過去20 年來,La. La. La 共獲得Robert Parker 24 次的滿分讚譽,每年都被饕客爭相追逐, 成為全球愛酒人士不計代價想要收藏的隆河珍釀!

Guigal 的榮耀

★ 24次 Robert Parker 評比滿分 100 分
★ 2010 年Wine Spectator 評比滿分 100 分
★ Robert Parker:「如果只剩下最後一瓶酒可喝,那我最想喝到的就是積架酒廠的 Cote Rotie La Mouline。」

陳新民教授的百大葡萄酒之44號, 那就是 La Landonne !

The wines of Domaine E. Guigal Côte Rôtie La Landonne 2008 , / Rhone France /Offer— Robert Parker:94分 & Wine Spectator: 94分

La Landonne 2008Roert Parker Tasting Notes: The most successful of the three Cote Roties in 2008, the 2008 Cote Rotie la Landonne is a candidate for the wine of the vintage. Cigar tobacco, pepper, cured meats and abundant dark fruits all give way to a full-bodied, balanced, impressively concentrated wine that has integrated acidity, plenty of fruit and solid ripeness to its tannin. Opting to use 100% stems during the fermentation, the Guigals questioned whether the ’08 should see the standard 4 years in barrel, but after continually tasting the wine (this father/son team tastes more frequently – and quickly – than just about any vignerons I know), they opted to keep it in barrel for the full duration. It’s absorbed every trace of it’s oak elevage and is drinking nicely today La Landonne 介乎 La Mouline 與 La Turque 之間的個性,添加7% Viognier,與 Landonne同樣的稠密度,並具有與Mouline 相同的水準的芳香華麗的口感。培根肉香、煙燻鴨肉、黑醋栗、黑櫻桃以及石墨的特殊香氣,酒體飽滿厚實,具有優美的酸度以及驚人的集中度。

Wine Spectator Tasting Notes: Shows very impressive depth and concentration for the vintage, delivering brooding espresso, baker’s chocolate, charcoal and singed iron notes intertwined with roasted fig and steeped plum fruit. A smoldering bay leaf edge lingers on the very grippy finish. A superb effort in a difficult year. Best from 2013 through 2027. 1,000 cases made.



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