The wines of Cantina Vietti Barolo ” Brunate ” 2009/ / Piedmont/ Italy Offer

義大利的釀酒歷史,已經超過3,000年。其中又以 Cantina Vietti 家族的年產量高居第一名,提到義大利葡萄酒,很難不提 Cantina Vietti 。Cantina Vietti 家族釀酒歷史可追溯到1180年,不過一直到1385年才以 Antinori 之名在佛羅倫斯註冊營業。家族事業歷經600年仍迄立不搖,( Cantina Vietti ) 是一個擁有600年以上歷史的義大利國寶級葡萄酒莊。本家族起源自托斯康尼區的大城,佛羅倫斯。數百年來,該酒莊不僅代表著義大利葡萄酒的悠久歷史和傳統, Cantina Vietti 更是義大利葡萄酒“文藝復興”的巨擘,也是世界12大葡萄家族的一員(P.F.V.= Primum Familiae Vini)。

Cantina Vietti 的哲學就是:釀造出有深度,有層次,高雅的葡萄酒。將葡萄酒的釀造文化發揮到極致。一方面保留傳統的文化和精神,一方面不斷的創新。務求進步再進步,絕不受過去盛名的影響而害怕改變,停滯不前。

Vietti自一九五O年代起,便開始釀製單一葡萄園酒款,一九七O年起,便請藝術家設計以動植物、水果為主題的藝術酒標,是該產區的領導明星酒莊之一,本次紅酒皆在Parker評分95分以上,現代明亮果香融合傳統酒款深度,義大利必收極品。 寶石紅的色澤,酒體濃郁具有複雜性,玫瑰、甘草、香料和松露味,優雅與強勁而又平衡和柔滑的單寧,尾韻持久悠長,喝起來始終宜人,並且富含生命力,是 Vietti 最傳統的產品之一。

Barolo Brunate 座落在 La Morra村莊內,也是Barolo 裡最具名聲且歷史最悠久的頂級葡萄園之一,平均數齡約在45~55年不等, 在橡木桶陳年32個月,裝瓶前採完全不過濾, 2009 年裝瓶的日期是在2012年的7月13日裝瓶,寶石紅的色澤,酒體濃郁具有複雜性,玫瑰、甘草、香料和松露味,優雅與強勁而又平衡和柔滑的單寧,尾韻持久悠長,喝起來始終宜人,並且富含生命力,是 Vietti 最傳統但又最頂級的旗艦產品之一。

★ Barolo Brunate DOCG Aging: The wine is aged for 32 months between French oak barrels and Slavonia oak casks, Bottled unfilteredon the 13th of July 2012. (2009年的年產量3886瓶)

Cantina Vietti Barolo Brunate 2009 — Robert Parker: 95分 & Antonio Galloni – The Wine Advocate : 93分 & Stephen Tanzer: 95分

Vietti Barolo BrunateRobert Parker Tasting note: From one of the region’s most celebrated vineyards, the 2009 Barolo Brunate lavishes on smoky, granite and mineral notes that make this wine absolutely irresistible. Even the drawing of a snail on the label seems to hammer home one obvious point: This wine is built for longer cellar aging. Its rich texture, velvety feel and firm structure are guarantees that it will become increasingly elegant and finessed with time. Anticipated maturity: 2016-2030

Winemaking: The grapes are selected from the historical cru Brunate, located in La Morra, planted 4,600 plants per hectare. The vines are 45 years old and grown using the Guyot system. Grapes are gently crushed and fermented in stainless steel for 17 days at 30-32° C (86-90° F), with pumping of the juice over grape skins done by both machine and hand, followed by malolactic fermentation. Brunate in La Morra is one of the most famous “crus” of all Barolo area; this vintage is particularly interesting because it’s very easy to recognize the “terroir” in the wine. (年產量3886瓶)

intense ruby red. Dry, with generous body, harmoniously balanced and velvety texture. Classic, ripe red-fruit, long finish, rich and very elegant. Spices, violet, plums and intense tar, very typical for the Brunate vine-yard.

寶石紅的色澤,酒體濃郁具有複雜性,玫瑰、甘草、香料和松露味,優雅與強勁而又平衡和柔滑的單寧,尾韻持久悠長,喝起來始終宜人,並且富含生命力,是 Vietti 最傳統但又最頂級的旗艦產品之一。

* Barolo Brunate 頂級品項 * – 只有 12瓶機會,錯過不再!



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