The Wines of Fuligni Brunello di Montalcino 2009 – Antonio Galloni : 94分 & R. di Montalcino” Ginestreto’ 2012 – James suckling: 92分 & Wine Enthusiast : 92分Offer

Azienda Fuligni 曾被James Suckling 列入心目中前十名 Brunello di Montalcino頂級酒莊的首位。Fuligni 酒標上的聖馬可獅子像彰顯其家族源自威尼斯,Fuligni 家族出身義大利威尼斯的顯赫貴族,1923 年成立酒莊於Montalcino 東方約3 公里的Cottimelli,葡萄園座落在海拔380-450公尺的山丘,種植面積約25 公頃,富含岩石的泥灰質土壤非常適合種植Sangiovese Grosso 葡萄品種,產量約在50-55 公噸/公頃,只有好年份及符合品質要求的手工採摘精選葡萄,始用來釀製Brunello di Montalcino 酒款, 擁有良好的日照在山丘蔓延著進10公頃的葡萄,

曾獲義大利酒評家 James Suckling 列為 brunello 產區十大酒莊之首! 只有好年份及符合品質要求的精選葡萄,才會用來釀製Brunello di Montalcino酒款。 櫻桃、黑醋栗, 結實的單寧賦予豐富且厚實的口感,放置後尾韻逐漸呈現出新鮮水果與香料氣息,擁有陳年潛力。。也就是堅持自己理想,全部手工採摘,樹齡約35~50年比例不等,經過篩選葡萄後,最後只有800克到1000克使用,法國橡木桶陳年24個月轉入專門的瓶中陳釀,採摘後的第五年,甚至在酒廠內第六年才會上市!!!

James Suckling 列入心目中前十名 Brunello di Montalcino頂級酒莊的首位
The Wines of Fuligni Brunello di Montalcino 2009 Offer , / Toscana / Italy Offer – Antonio Galloni : 94分 & James Suckling: 94分

This 100% Sangiovese Grosso is aged partly in Slavonian oak vats of about of French oak, for more than 3 years, followed by about one year in the bottle before release. Bursting at the seams with plum and cherry fruit sustained by firm, full structure and polished tannins.

Fuligni BDM 2011Antonio Galloni Tasting note: “Bright red. Mesmerizingly pure and intense aromas of raspberry, sour red cherry, minerals, licorice and violet. Sweet, lush and deep, with outstanding clarity and lift to the pure flavors of red cherry, raspberry and flint. Pristine and very long on the vibrant finish, which features extremely sophisticated tannins and superb length. The wine’s minerally, flinty quality runs through from nose to aftertaste. A paradigm of cooler-climate Montalcino sangiovese, this is the year’s best Brunello, and it will cost you a fraction as much as more famous Brunellos that other wine writers will surely score higher. Points: 94….寶石紅色澤;有甜美花香及莓果氣息,複雜而細緻。酒體飽滿,結構厚實,單寧柔順,尾韻持久。

James Suckling Tasting Notes- This is all finesse, with sweet strawberry and hints of citrus fruit. Full body, refined tannins and a silky-textured finish. Very fine indeed. One of my favorite producers, as always. Better in 2015. “” Points: 93


The Wines of Fuligni Rosso di Montalcino “ Ginestreto” 2012 Offer , / Toscana / Italy Offer – James Suckling: 92分 & Wine Enthusiast : 92分

Fulignu Ginestreto 2012Tasting note: A single-vineyard Rosso di Montalcino that’s crafted from Sangiovese Grosso sourced from the Ginestreto vineyard, this Rosso di Montalcino gets its name from the thicket of yellow-flowered bush Ginestra, and it gives a delicious introduction to the estate’s Brunello di Montalcino. Ruby red, bright with acidity, fruity and food-friendly, this approachable, enjoyable Rosso ages in both Slovenian barrel and oak tonneaux for several months before bottling. Like the favorite Collematoni Rosso, Just 750 cases produced

100% Sangiovese,採自Ginestreto 葡萄園, 年輕版的 Brunello di Montalcino 酒款,傳統Sangiovese 葡萄的風味,完全不受到國際喜好的影響。在3.5 hl 小型橡木桶及5-7 hl 經中度煙燻的Allier 橡木桶中陳釀6-9 個月,裝瓶前再放入斯洛伐尼亞橡木桶使酒質更高雅細緻, 嚴謹、質樸,尊重土地、不加濃妝豔抹的一款酒。完美的酒體結構,觸動味蕾。 紫羅蘭、玫瑰和莓果的迷人香氣。紅櫻桃、草莓、丁香和肉桂交織的多汁口感,伴隨新鮮的酸度和絲絨般滑順的單寧,平衡且令人愉悅,層次分明有深度。



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