Aldo Conterno 最令人注目重要「羅米可園」作品,更是義大利老饕內行人的酒!— Aldo Conterno Barolo Bussia •【Romirasco】2013 Offer – 【James Suckling: 98分】•【Robert Parker: 97分】

【三月海運重量級作品】Aldo Conterno 有著純正義大利紳士的謙遜及友善的舉止,無法掩飾他本身與生俱來的坦率及專業能力。但老天總是天妒英才- Aldo Conterno 於 2012年離世人間,一生心力全部奉獻給 Barolo,, Aldo 可稱得上是Barolo 的儒者 ,Aldo Conterno 網站說他們的信條是 “in medio stat virtus” (拉丁語,意為Virtue stands in the middle ),我們儒家的所謂「中庸之道」也!

Aldo 以傳統的釀酒手法聞名於世,他被譽為「舊時代最後一位釀造傳統風格葡萄酒的釀酒師」。

【Romirasco】海拔高度最高,更是 Aldo Conterno 最頂級的葡萄園,Aldo Conterno 葡萄園位於 Monforte d’Alba著名的Bussia斜坡上,至今依然被認定 Barolo區內最好的產區之一。由40%的黏土與60%的石灰岩層,西南向的最高坡面,所以葡萄從早到晚有最充沛的日曬時數,這是非常難能可貴的! 葡萄樹齡約為55~70年的老藤,傳統浸皮發酵約30天,斯洛伐尼亞大型橡木桶 陳釀30個月,酒體飽滿強勁又展現出纖細又多花香柔順及高雅。

旗鑑偉大 Granbussia Riserva是用了三大園【Romirasco、Cicala、Colonnello】葡萄分別混釀,但是其中 【Romirasco】葡萄園就佔了75%,可說 Granbussia Riserva有七成五的葡萄比例是採用【Romirasco】葡萄園釀成,【Romirasco】可說是除了Granbussia Riserva之外,Aldo Conterno 最令人注目重要的作品,更是義大利老饕內行人的酒!

The Wines of Aldo Conterno Barolo Bussia •【Romirasco】2013 Offer –【James Suckling: 98分】•【Robert Parker: 97分】

Aldo Conterno Barolo Bussia 【Romirasco】 2013Robert Parker Tasting Notes: The stunning 2013 Barolo Bussia Romirasco represents a stylistic blend between the elegance of Monforte d’Alba and the brooding power of Serralunga d’Alba. These are magnesium-rich soils mixed with limestone and clay. Romirasco is also home to some of the estate’s oldest vines at 55-years-old on average. This beautiful wine opens to a dark and rich garnet color that comes from the concentrated fruit produced by these old plants. The bouquet is laced with mineral and iodine-like nuances with rust and iron. It comes across as rich and intense and the mouthfeel is slightly softer, but denser overall. The wine ends with long balsam tones of rosemary and dried ginger.

James Suckling Tasting Notes: Beautiful dark fruits of crushed raspberries and blueberries plus hints of champignon mushrooms and black truffles. Lavender undertones. Full and chewy with lots of tannins. Old vines give this a mossy, bark-like undertone. Needs five to six years to come around.


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