【Aldo Conterno 優雅頂尖單一葡萄園作品 – 2013 全新年份】義大利老饕內行人的酒! – Aldo Conterno Barolo 【Colonnello 單一園 】•【Cicala 單一獨有園 】•【Bussia 】2013 Offer – 【James Suckling: 99分】•【Robert Parker: 95分】- 【三月海運重量級作品】

【優雅頂尖單一葡萄園作品】 Aldo Conterno有著純正義大利紳士的謙遜及友善的舉止,無法掩飾他本身與生俱來的坦率及專業能力。但老天總是天妒英才- Aldo Conterno 於 2012年離世人間,一生心力全部奉獻給 Barolo,, Aldo 可稱得上是Barolo 的儒者 ,Aldo Conterno 網站說他們的信條是 “in medio stat virtus” (拉丁語,意為Virtue stands in the middle ),我們儒家的所謂「中庸之道」也!

Aldo 以傳統的釀酒手法聞名於世,他被譽為「舊時代最後一位釀造傳統風格葡萄酒的釀酒師」。

The Wines of Aldo Conterno Barolo •【Bussia 】2013 Offer –【James Suckling: 96分】•【Wine Spectator: 94分】•【Wine Enthusiast: 94分】

Aldo Conterno Barolo •【Bussia 】2013James Suckling Tasting Notes: This shows a beautiful complexity of ripe fruit such as cherries as well as orange peel undertones with lemon and pineapple highlights. Medium body and well-defined tannins. Drink in 2020.

Robert Praker Tasting Notes: It may be a so-called entry level Barolo, but the 2013 Barolo Bussia definitely delivers the goods. Fruit is sourced from three separate points within the larger Bussia cru. These sites are characterized by clay soils with southeast exposures and approximately 25-year-old vines. The quality of fruit is very intense and defined with dark cherry and dried blackberry. Yet the mouthfeel is ethereal, light and buoyant. Keeping in line with the vintage, the tannins are firm and slightly rigid. However, they are well absorbed by the exuberant nature of the fruit. The wine’s personality is reminiscent of the Barolo Bussia Cicala.

Barolo Bussia 葡萄採用 Monforte d’Alba 產區,也就是 Aldo Conterno 酒莊所在地,可說是Aldo最早釀酒品項,別小看這「Barolo Bussia基本款」,Barolo Bussia前身就是義大利酒友苦思追尋的Bussia Soprana,若能將Bussia陳放數年過後,再去品飲它的老酒,就知Bussia此酒實力相當不同凡響。


The Wines of Aldo Conterno Barolo •【Colonnello 單一園 】2013 Offer –【 James Suckling: 98分】•【Wine Spectator: 95分】•【Wine Enthusiast: 95分】

Aldo Conterno Barolo •【Colonnello 單一園 】2013James Suckling Tasting Notes: Terrific aromas of blackberries, walnuts, spices, bark and mushrooms. Full body, ultra-fine tannins and bright acidity. So beautiful now but be patient. This needs four or five years to come completely together. Wow. What class and precision define this wine. The aromas show such subtle complexity and beauty. Full and tight with a solid core of fruit. Polished tannins to the maximum. Better in 2021.

Robert Praker Tasting Notes: The 2013 Barolo Bussia Colonnello is the most ethereal and delicate of the Bussia series of wines (2013年Colonnello 是 Bussia 系列最細膩精緻的) . Fruit is sourced from a portion of the Bussia vineyard that is located closer to the village of Barolo (one kilometer away) than it is the village of Monforte d’Alba (five kilometers away). The sandy soils found here make for softer and tamer tannins especially when compared to the other parts of Bussia. The bouquet opens to aromas of blue flowers, spice, wild berry, licorice and white truffle. This is a softly nuanced and finessed Barolo made with fruit from 45-year-old vines.

Aldo Conterno 有三塊單一葡萄園,都位在Bussia區域,最靠近西邊且離Barolo村最近葡萄園 Colonnello 單一園,只有小小的1.4公頃,土壤為50% 沙質土壤及黏土,葡萄樹齡約40~45年,更加能釀造出纖細又多花香的酒款。


The Wines of Aldo Conterno Barolo •【Cicala 單一獨有園 】2013 Offer –【James Suckling: 99分】•【Wine Enthusiast: 96分】•【Robert Parker: 95分】

Aldo Conterno Barolo •【Cicala 單一獨有園 】2013James Suckling Tasting Notes: The aromas of flowers, blackberries, and white truffles are superb. Full to medium body and ultra-fine tannins. The finish lasts for minutes. An amazing Cicala. Don’t miss this. Drink in 2022.

Robert Praker Tasting Notes: The 2013 Barolo Bussia Cicala is a beautiful wine with impressive depth and a profound sense of sharpness. This part of the Bussia cru sees a mix of clay soils (40%) with limestone (60%). In a sense, Cicala is the most indicative of the greater Bussia cru both in terms of its geological properties and its general taste profile. You get a lot of fruit in this wine followed by tannic firmness and evident power. Together, the wine presents balanced results. The alcohol here is 14.5% and I’m told that the upcoming 2016 vintage is almost a full degree stronger.

Cicala 單一葡萄園,為 Aldo Conterno 獨自擁有, 面積為3.2公頃,葡萄園高度約390公尺,是Aldo海拔高度第二高的葡萄園,土壤為40%沙質土壤及60%石灰岩,更能釀造出果香濃郁但較具有酸度的酒款。


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