【This is a return to the great Solengos of the mid-1990s. The best since 1997】• 義大利 Argiano •【Solengo】2015 Offer -【James Suckling: 97分】•【Robert Parker: 95分】•【預計十一月到貨 • 限量配額只有48瓶】

跳脫義大利傳統釀製• 義大利 Argiano Solengo 2015 – Super Tuscan – 小資價格即可擁有 James Suckling: 97分 高分迷人魅力! 看到這裡義大利人提到2015年無不眉開眼笑,這是繼經典義大利2010年之後,上天再次賜給他們完美的一年2015年,Solengo 2015 稱得上是一個完美酒質極佳,超好年份「超級托斯卡納」作品! -【預計十一月到貨 • 限量配額只有48瓶 】

【This is a return to the great Solengos of the mid-1990s. The best since 1997】• ARGIANO酒莊雖有不少酒款,但最具國際知名還是以【Solengo】最為頂尖出色,從義大利精品葡萄酒市場角度來看,近年來所謂的 Super Toscana 受到不少酒迷喜愛,當然這還是要歸功於本身該酒的實力與價格, Solengo的釀酒師 Giacomo Tachis,同時也是釀製頂尖天王【Sassicaia 薩西卡亞】與【Solaia 索拉雅】精品酒莊的傳奇靈魂人物

Argiano酒莊起於西元1580年至1596年之間, 當時是由西恩納 Baldassare Peruzzi 貴族起造,其中經歷五個世紀之久貴族與家族之間轉移, 終於在西元1889年之間酒莊釀造開始慢慢穩定下來,葡萄園位在Orcia河谷海拔最高的Mount Amiata山丘上,往下鳥瞰,整個蒙塔奇諾產區可說是一覽無遺!! 葡萄園正午日照充足,位於海拔最高處,氣候涼爽, 土壤主要由泥灰質石灰岩和粘土組成,得天獨厚的葡萄種植地理環境下, 種植的葡萄品種有Sangiovese、Cabernet Sauvignon、Merlot 和 Syrah,平均樹齡為12年,種植密度為每公頃5,000-7,000株,所有的葡萄都是經過人工採收,然後裝成小箱運到酒窖。在西元1935年在 II Monstra Mercato dei Vini Tipici d’Italia 酒展上發表 Argiano 的 Brunello, 隨即在西元1967年 Argiano 用傳統精緻釀造出經典 Brunello di Montalcino 從此之後,開始創造展開了Argiano傳奇酒莊的一生歷史

Wine Description : This outstanding red wine is a quite recent expression of Argiano’s viticultural potential in relation to red wines made with Sangiovese. ‘Solengo’, which is Tuscan for “lone wild boar”, is the product of the combination between Tuscan soil and French grape-varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Merlot and Syrah. It is the fruit of the “creation” of the internationally acclaimed former oenologist GiacomoTachis, which now continues with the work of Argiano’s team.

Solengo is a modern, well-balanced and full-bodied wine. It is deep, dark purple in color with a bouquet of ripe fruit, such as blackcurrants and blackberries, with a hint of toasted oak. It is smooth on the palate, with a great concentration of excellent fruit, nicely balanced with delicate, soft tannins. The structure and complexity in the mouth are outstanding, tempered by excellent tannic extracts. This high-profile blend has evident Mediterranean characteristics and a sunny nature. Its grace and delicacy mean that it can be drunk while young, yet it also has a remarkable aging capacity.


The Wines of Argiano •【Solengo】2015 Offer -【James Suckling: 97分】•【Robert Parker: 95分】•【原廠限量配額48瓶】•【預計十一月到貨 • 限量配額只有48瓶】

Argiano •【Solengo】2015James Suckling Tasting Notes: Fantastic aromas of flowers such as violets and roses with dark purple fruits and hints of stones, too. Full body with ultra-fine tannins and a long and linear finish. ( This is a return to the great Solengos of the mid-1990s. The best since 1997) – (這是自1990年以來最好的Solengo,可說是1997年最美好的再次見證). Cabernet sauvignon 50%, petit verdot 30%, merlot 15% and sangiovese 5%. Drinkable now but better in 2020.

Robert Parker Tasting Notes: Argiano has been doing terrific work lately with this historic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon with Petit Verdot, Syrah and Merlot. The 2015 Solengo is especially exuberant, concentrated and dark in this warm and sunny vintage (從這段話中再次印證2015是義大利好年). The previous vintage (2014) is perhaps more veiled and subtle, whereas this wine plays its cards in an immediate and upfront manner. It shows confidence and determination. This is a softly enriched red wine with black fruit, dried blackberry aromas, exotic spice, savory smoke and cured tobacco.




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